Squaw Creek: Buy Now, Save Later

Already daydreaming of some primo schussing? You can get on that plan, pronto.

THE HEIGHT OF SUMMER, which can allude to the exact middle of the season, or to its hottest portion, or to its most humid bit, or all of the above, can spur a person to do many things. One? Stick their sock-toasty feet in the nearest body of cool water. Two? Eat everything out of the freezer, whether it is fruity and on-a-stick or not. And three? Get to dreaming of snow, glorious, flake-tastic drifts, the kind of stuff that makes for primo schussing come the height of winter. (A time of year that comes with its own rituals, too, of course.) And while snow cannot be summoned in August, at least in this part of this hemisphere, the notion of snow may be merrily flirted with, at length. How? High altitude resorts are already planning cold season events, and room specials, and ski-style happenings, and savings may be had if you know where to look. One direction to glance in is at...

THE RESORT AT SQUAW CREEK, which has a Book Now, Stay Later package on (or, if you prefer, a Buy Early, Ski Later deal). What's the info? It's a year-round thing, first of all, but second of all, it does apply to one of Squaw Creek's most bustling periods, the ski-iest time on the calendar. That means if you want to shore up some lodging dates in December or January, asap-like, doing so in August is probably good thinking, savings-wise. You could save up to 20% with this deal, which means more money for hot toddies or cute ski togs. There are "405 luxuriously rooms and suites" on the pretty mountain property, and perusing them will only stoke those summertime-based, wintertime-wonderful daydreams. You can't send the hottest summer days running just yet, but you can start your ski-ready itinerary now. If you don mittens to dig into the freezer for treats on sticks, well, that's up to you, totally.

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