Tahoe Tasty: Sample the Sierra Festival

Nosh upon "regionally sourced cuisine" at Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe.

IF YOU ENTERED A SHOP, one found within a mile or two of Lake Tahoe's shores, and you found, on the shelf near the front, several similar bottles that read "Tahoe September" on their labels, would you be at all surprised? You'd probably be delighted, first and foremost, if you've long been a fan of the area, and you've wished that someone could bottle up that particular feeling in the air that arrives in the alpine-awesome region around the middle of September. Part warm sunshine, part ever-crisp-ening nights, Tahoe September would fly from the stores and surely sell out in under a day, or even an hour. Alas, though; there hasn't been an invention yet that has figured out how to bottle up the fabulous feel in the fall's-a-comin' breeze. But you can dip into all of that Tahoe-September-ness by calling upon the area around the middle weekend of the ninth month, and if you incorporate a celebration that's focused on "regionally sourced cuisine"? Then your spirit, stomach, and senses will all be delighted.

SAMPLE THE SIERRA, a food and wine festival, lands at Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe on Saturday, Sept. 16. That is the final Saturday of summer, so chances are high that the weather will be perfect, as will the dining, which will include 20 booths featuring "over 60 participants," including "chefs, restaurants, brewers, winemakers, and farmers" from around the area. South Lake Brewing Company, which just debuted in the spring of 2017, will make the scene, and Lava Cap Winery, Crystal Basin Cellars, and several other vino-making houses'll be at the park, too. Riva Grill, MacDuff's Public House, and a roster of other eats-making go-tos will also be meeting with regulars and new fans, too. The farm-to-fork festival is heading into its eight go-around, and Tahoe visitors, and residents, can expect a plethora of tastes, as well as the chance to meet the interesting growers and makers of those tastes. Tickets, information, some of that Tahoe September sunshine? Well, that last part is still to come, and it hasn't yet been bottled, but the getting-in specifics are here.

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