Tequilas, Tacos Star in Mondo Traveling Fest

The classic two-day taste-around from California Beer Festival returns to Ventura and Santa Cruz

YOU'D NEVER BAG ON BURGERS, and blasting beer isn't your thing, and finding any faults in the foodstuffs and libations that people regularly enjoy when the sun is especially bright and blistering isn't what you do. In fact, you happen to dig a crispy French fry, a well-sauced patty, a lovely and oily slice of pizza, and all of the edibles that regularly get to star in their own food-forward celebrations around the great Golden State.

AND YET? You're mad for an interesting margarita, whether it comes with a salty rim and the expected ingredients or a whole caboodle of quirky additions. You also happen to think that the taco, as a notion, far outpaces every other nom-ready dish out there, what with its tortilla and squeeze of lime and roasted meats and calabacitas and elote and the million other goodies that can fill the dough-tastic disc. If this is you, dear marg mavens and taco-ists, look to...

VENTURA AND SANTA CRUZ, where the piquant Tequila & Taco Music Festival will again flower with panache, songs, salted rims, cabbage-topped carne asada, and oodles of deliciousness. The Ventura festival is set for July 21 and 22, 2018, while Santa Cruz will welcome the on-the-road party over the final weekend in August. Count on some excellent street taco showings, a line-up of tequilas from the very top shelf to taste, craft-tastic vendors, vendors of craft beers, and lots to do.

OH YEAH, IT'S HUGE: It is, in fact, billed as "California's Largest Traveling Taco and Tequila Festival," so best line up your ticket pronto, and, most importantly, the ticket for your designated driver, too (think ten bucks, a true deal for all of the entertainment and looking around that's covered). The outfit behind this mondo production? It's the California Beer Festival, which knows about producing memorable and spirited celebrations that pop up, each and every summer, around the state.

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