The Circus Ride

The San Jose riders are going big-top, bike-style.

BIG TOP BIKES: Don't get us wrong. We like a mondo, come-one-come-all bike ride. We like seeing people wearing what they like and strapping Grandma's wicker basket to the handlebars and tooling around town en masse. But a themed bike ride? Which will draw hundreds and possibly thousands of riders, many in outlandish costumes? That tickles the heart strings and plucks the imagination. And that's exactly what that San Jose Bike Party'll be throwing down on Friday, Jan. 20. The theme? The circus. Done. You know what to do: Show up with your cycle, a large, floppy collar, and some face paint. Red noses are not mandatory but you know you'll feel left out if you don't have one.

NOW, ABOUT THE WEATHER: True, it might be raining, although the ride's organizers point out that clowns do favor macks. But you'll want to keep an eye on the site and see if it is okay. Regardless, keep up on your San Jose Bike Party info, if you like to theme ride with other theme riders. It's a healthy, humorous toodle around the South Bay, and bet you'll meet some like-minded cyclers. Now, SJBP, about future themes. Do you think you do a flower theme in the spring? Or all bikes need a balloon? Cheap, easy, and way colorful, three of our favorite things. But the circus is up there, too. Who is showing with a unicycle?

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