The Epiphany: New Bubble Brunch

Making for Palo Alto? Start your weekend day with a posh meal, and beverages, downtown.

THAT STROLLABLE STRETCH: While many Golden State towns may vie for the title of Most Strollable, only a few can achieve this desirable, stow-the-car crown. Well, that's not wholly the case, as several cities have worked diligently, over the last couple of decades, to create neighborhoods that are all about benches, and trees, and places devoted solely to pedestrians. Downtown Palo Alto is a prime example of a spot where those on foot have ample room to move about, and enjoy a coffee, and shop, and take in the sunshine. But what to do before you head out on a Sunday afternoon stroll, the kind of walk that has no real purpose save for pleasure? Savoring a solid, three-course brunch, complete with something sparkling in a nearby glass, is a capital way to prepare for your Palo Alto amble. And it so happens that The Epiphany, a Joie de Vivre hotel, is offering a new Bubble Brunch at its on-site restaurant Lure + Till. So what's the...

BUBBLE BRUNCH... all about? It starts with a flat fee -- $49 -- and it heads out into a lunchy land of a trio of "coursed-out" dishes (meaning you can take a bit of time with each glass of Champagne and not gobble hurriedly through your meal). That's right -- every dish is paired with a different bubbly. Examples of a the dishes (and drinks) on the three-course menu might include slow-cooked eggs with guianciale and trumpet mushrooms paired with Billecart Salmon Brut. Even the dessert course, which there is one ohhh yeah, arrives with its own festive, dessert-perfect libation. It's a swanky but relaxed way to start your day of strolling around Palo Alto. Available dates? The two brunchiest days of the week: Saturday and Sunday.

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