The Great Rosé Pairing at CIA at Copia

Get in the pink for this special, almost-summer event.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK FAR... to find a whole swath of sassy, snazzy wearables inspired by a certain iconic beverage that's blush in hue. After all, the word "rosé" is oh-so-rhyme-able with so many other words, and if you want to tell the world that you'd like to "rosé all day," well, there's a t-shirt and a tote bag for that. And such snappy tees and totes have only seemed to pop up more frequently nowadays, thanks to the rise and rise of rosé's profile as an all-around lovely sip. And not just a sip that's a match for the warmer months, either; the drink is now folding into foodie to-dos that occur on the colder side of the calendar, too. But, true, we do think of the pink-pretty libation when summer settles in, and definitely as we run up to summertime, as we're just now starting to do. And lookie here: On the very last Saturday of spring, in Napa, there'll be a large-scale libation-mondo event devoted to rosé. It's The Great Rosé Pairing for Summer, from Experience Rosé, and it is set to grandly unfold, in numerous glasses, at...

CIA AT COPIA: The date is Saturday, June 16, and the "curated consumer event and interactive experience" will feature numerous wineries pouring some of their best sips. Make that numerous accoladed wineries, for every winery there will have "... received Gold or above honors" at the Experience Rosé: The 2018 Competition earlier in the spring. Adding to the tummy-tempting-ness nature of the event are the stellar bites, all created by "emerging star chef students" from The Culinary Institute of America. Are you passionate for the pinkest of drinks? Is this how you want to bid the spring adieu and the summer howdy? General admission, in advance, is $85, and there are VIP and designated driver options, too. August Hill Winery, Handley Cellars, and Wilson Winery are just three of the labels that'll be behind the bottles, but check out the whole delightful scene, one that'll rosé — or rather, rise — to the festive occasion.

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