The ‘Re-Imagined' Cambria Beach Lodge

The funky-elegant Moonstone Beach boutique hotel has a chic road trip vibe.

LOAD UP THE STATION WAGON... and head out for a getaway, and you might just toss the term "road trip" to your traveling companions. But not every destination deserves that lovely label, for while you may be on the road, having a trip, only a number of regions truly represent the spirit of road-trippery. Highway 1 absolutely does, and if you cruise through San Luis Obispo, and San Simeon, and even wee 'n wonderful Harmony, you don't even have to try to level up into the upper reaches of road-tripping: You're doing it, naturally, because the area is so ripe for easy driving, easy days, easy everything. It's a notion that Cambria Beach Lodge has very much folded into its refreshening in recent days, that road-tripping to Cambria is so sublime it just might top road-tripping anywhere else (it is absolutely in the aforementioned upper reaches, for sure). If staying at a small-ish but not wee — translation: 27 rooms — boutique hotel from the 1960s, one that had a major touch-up in 2016 that groks to its road-trip aesthetic, appeals, then check out the...

MOONSTONE BEACH GETAWAY: You're pretty dang close to the Pacific at the Cambria Beach Lodge, though pulling away from the hotel might be hard. The rooms boast "a beach-inspired theme" complete with sun-bleached wood floors and "turquoise accents throughout." Artwork from Iron & Resin, the SoCal collective, ups the beachiness, and the amenities are "inspired by the destination's community of adventurers, winemakers, and artists." There are suites with fireplaces, for those foggier Cambria morns, and Linus bikes give roamers a couple of wheels to roam by. And will you take an Adventure Kit down to the beach? The binoculars found within may help you spy a passing whale or two. For all the details, and some sharp snapshots of the lodge's luxe'd-up look, pull your station wagon over to the curb now.

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