The Rock Is Calling: Spring Stay Deals in Morro Bay

Longing for a Central Coast sojourn? Take one and save.

IF LIFE IS HARRIED, and the days are feeling like they've just come out of a blender set to high, and the rush-rush is making you want to snooze-snooze, chances are as big as an ocean-based volcanic plug that you're looking for a little slow-down time and perhaps some stability. And the fact is this: Things don't get much slower than a rock, a large rock, as in the aforementioned volcanic plug, for the formation of such a wonder takes an incredibly long time. Also? A large rock, or, rather, volcanic plug, is quite the stable object, having been around for millions of years, in the same spot, not going anywhere, and definitely not rushing to the next errand or appointment. You, dear rushers of the modern age, clearly need to spend an hour communing with majestic Morro Rock, or at least admiring it from the shoreline. It's a reminder of time, and of slowing down, and of nature's grandeur, what with its rock-tastic surface, the ocean below, and the sunset behind. Eager to Morro-Bay-it-up for a night? Who isn't? Best get up on all of the local...

SPRING STAY-OVER DEALS... around the charming Central Coast burg, like the 20% Off Per Night Spring Fling, through June 2018, which involves midweek stays totalling two or more nights. Or perhaps you'd like to go with a May Flowers package, if you're a blossom buff and you'd love to be greeted with some pretty petals in your room? There are some solid choices on the deal front coming out of Morro Bay this spring, so plot your way to the rock, as in the Big Rock, as in one of California's most spectacular just-off-short sights, pronto. Summer will soon be here, and spring deals do end, but trust: Morro Rock is staying put, so when you can get to it, finally, it'll be there. Trust.

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