Thomas and Percy's Halloween Party

Find your favorite costume and ride the rails with the beloved characters.

CHARACTERS AROUND HALLOWEEN? Not only do we like to dress up as those superheroes and lovable on-the-page pals we adore, but we like to hang out with them, too. And few months are as magical as October, a time of year when all sorts of fictional figures, the characters we like to see on screen and in books, pop up at parties, festivals, and special happenings. One such happening will be delivering seasonal fun to Felton over the final three weekends of October, but the characters in question won't be arriving by car, bicycle, or on foot. They'll be on the tracks at Roaring Camp Railroads, which is a pretty clear giveaway as to the sweet favorites we're about to discuss. It's Thomas & Percy, the chugga-chugga-toot-toot pair-up behind...

DAY OUT WITH THOMAS, the traveling family event that toots into a series of train destinations throughout the year. But Thomas & Percy have another event in mind this October, and it is, yes, Halloween. That means your kids will want to dress up, maybe as Thomas, perhaps as Percy, or even as another beloved character, before you head for Roaring Camp. Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway, will be there, too, as well as a Thomas & Friends Imagination Station. Can you take a 20-minute ride with Thomas? You bet, and participating in a number of activities, train play tables, and storytelling moments is also part of the day. And don't depart the train-tastic gathering without helping your tot pick a pumpkin and join in the cookie decorating.

THE 2017 DATES... include Oct. 14 and 15, Oct. 21 and 22, and Oct. 28 and 29. Will your young'uns dress up as Thomas to actually meet Thomas? That feels pretty darn magical. And, as mentioned, there's no month that's more magical than October.

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