Tie the Knot in a California State Park

Lend some love to one of our state treasures, and to your new spouse, too.

OUTDOOR ATTACHMENTS: Where do lovebirds first meet? If pop culture is to be believed, elevators are a common location, as are watercoolers and subway trains (juuuuust as the doors are closing). But if you know a pair of sweethearts or two, you know that amour is very often found when people are pursuing common passions, which is a rather hoity way of saying people do meet on hiking trails, at tennis courts, and in knitting clubs, too. And if nature happens to be a twosome's favoritest thing ever, then they should be in nature, if and when they decide to get hitched. Why make for a stuffy building or convention hall when the sun can light your ceremony?

WITH THAT IN JOYFUL MIND... the California State Parks Foundation has created a handy page and video encouraging park fans to exchange those tender vows in one of the Golden State's natural treasures. A list of "unique" places to throw a wedding is listed, from Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park to "San Clemente State Beach, where the Historic Cottage provides spectacular views of ocean sunsets." It doesn't matter if you and your forever sweetheart are mountain people or beach buffs, there's going to be a destination that appeals to the both of you.

IF YOU'VE ALREADY... been nuptialed -- that's an extra official way to put it, right? -- inside a state park, the Foundation is asking for a photo that the organization may display during State Park Advocacy Day, in May. Surely you have a picture of you and your pumpkin, posing in a field of wildflowers or with a seashell held to an ear? Best dig that pic out and lend some sweet support to our state park system.

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