Tractors to Twinkle in Calistoga

The Napa Valley favorite brings the Christmas spirit to construction equipment, trucks, and more.

IF IT MOVES, MAKE IT MERRY: When people from other places call California "quirky," well, they may not be going quite far enough. We're a state that likes sunshine, it is widely known, and when the sun makes its nightly exit we turn to other sources of illumination to give us the sparkle we crave. Whether it is a massive bridge done up in LED bulbs or a light-fantastic water show at a theme park, we're going to keep things mightily bright come night. That extends to our vehicles when the holidays arrive, of course, and we don't simply mean the charming wreaths that many California drivers stick on their front grills. We rather like dressing up our scenic and historic trains, and as for our boats? The ships have glitter, too, whether be yachts or kayaks (look to the caboodle of on-the-water boat parades that happen all along the coast). Tractors, too, get some love in Northern California communities, like, for instance, Calistoga. Each year the Napa Valley town is the shimmery scene for some unlikely and wonderful parade "floats," and by floats we mean construction equipment and tractors all done up in a multitude of lights. The 2016 date is just ahead, on...

SATURDAY, DEC. 3, and once again area tractor owners have been working hard to make their rides completely photo worthy. And it isn't just about the lights, but also the figures and messages that are included on the sides of the trucks and tractors. Oh yes, vintage pick-ups and such also make a quaint showing at the Calistoga Tractor Parade, making it truly unlike many other vehicle-based processions. Want to finally check out this famous hour-long lark? It starts at 7, when the sky is truly dark, but arrive with plenty of time to check out Calistoga's oh-so-walkable downtown, and to find that perfect, tractor-watching spot.

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