Ways to Wheel: Bike Month in Cambria

The AMGEN Tour of California host city has plenty of methods for taking a memorable roll.

MAJOR ROLL-THROUGH: When a large-scale, news-making sportsy happening alights in a smaller village for a few hours or a day, some magic tends to happen. People come from all-over to catch the big tennis tourney or golf swing or bike ride, and the town very much benefits. But one side benefit perhaps not immediately seen, at least over the hours of the event itself, is this: Visitors want to golf or play tennis or swim or bike, like the big event, in the town where they saw it. It makes sense, right? If a mondo bike competition pedals through a seaside city, fans want their own crack at doing some pretty pedaling, too.

THAT'S GOING TO BE... very much the case with Cambria come May. The funky snug of a village is a host city for the AMGEN Tour of California, meaning that loads of top-tier, Spandex-rockin' cyclists, and even more loads of fans, photographers, and support teams, shall be doing the Cambrian thing for a night. (That night is Wednesday, May 14.) If you're one of the following fans, or you'd love to return to the city in the prime season of summer for some cycling action, you should and can. There are bike-ready trails at the wild and gorgeous Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, and as for wine country, vineyard-adjacent wheelin'? Cambria to Paso Robles via Highway 46 West is recommended. There are also swaths of ocean-close roads to take on, in the area, if toodling by bluffs and wave-crashery is your thing.

WANT TO WATCH... and save the riding for elsewhere? The AMGEN Tour of California rolls from May 11 through 18, covering Folsom, Sacramento, Cambria, Thousand Oaks, and beyond.

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