Winchester Mystery House's 13 Days of Christmas

Can you locate a craftily hidden ornament in the gardens of the storied San Jose landmark? If so, a prize may possibly be yours.

TRYING TO FIND THE BOOK... you left in the den an hour ago? You may look under a couch pillow, and then another, and then the coffee table, and then your slippers, only to discover that the book isn't in the room at all (you actually set it down while out on the patio). Such a seemingly simple task has vexed pretty much everyone at some point, for finding an everyday object, even a sizable one, in a room you know well and visit hourly, isn't always as easy as it seems. Now imagine attempting to pinpoint something that's typically a bit smaller than a book on a property that's far vaster than pretty much every den ever built. Could you do it? Are you that keen of eye? Is your locating antenna shined and honed and ready for object-locating action? Then ponder a visit to San Jose, and the Winchester Mystery House, where the...

13 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS... are set to commence on Tuesday, Dec. 12. As is tradition, Sarah Winchester's grand manor will be decked out for the yuletide, at least in a few festively attired rooms (there are 160 in all, and visitors see well over half of those). It isn't a tall fir tree, covered in pretty decorations, that you'll need to detect, as those will be pretty clearly obvious to tour attendees (there are 13 trees in all dotting the house, which is no surprise, as Mrs. Winchester did love the number 13). Rather, you'll be tasked with a mission on the outside of the Winchester Mystery House: Finding a "hidden ornament" in the mansion's capacious gardens. There will be one chance a day through Christmas Eve, and the daily ornament-finder will be entered for a crack at the grand prize. Do you adore the building, and its stories of hauntings, and its ability to wear its holiday finery so well? It's a place that ably waltzes from the 31st of October right through to the sparkliest season, each and every year. That might explain why the Winchester's Christmas fun has...

AN AURA OF MYSTERIOUSNESS... to it, what with the search for the ornament and the strong presence of the number 13, from trees to days in the event. Find out more, and very merry luck in being one of the lucky people who happens to spy something shiny and small in the Winchester Mystery House garden from Dec. 12 through 24, 2017.

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