Winsome Wallpaper: Baby Otter + Mom

Still not over that amazing birth at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? You can now pup-up your computer.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

OTTER ALL THE TIME: There was a point over the first weekend in March, which just happened to be the weekend when a wild otter, a southern sea otter, showed up in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Great Tide Pool to give birth, that we were fairly convinced that we'd need some otter goodness each and every day for the rest of the days to come. Then some time passed, and we moved from "fairly convinced" to "totally convinced," like many people who saw the amazing video and photos of the event. Everyone's mutual otter-focused obsessions are generally pushing the tippy-top of the Official Otter-o-meter, but the sweet mama and her pup grabbed headlines and hearts over the three days they relaxed next to the aquarium. Our hearts are still held in the otter duo's thrall, which the aquarium clearly knows, because they just released wallpaper that's fully focused on the furry superstars. Those sweet superstars departed the Great Tide Pool on March 8, to head out into the ocean, but we can still commune daily with their darlingness on our desktops and phones. Yep, otter aficionados, it is time to download some truly...

HEART-MELTING WALLPAPER, which isn't something one can say about wallpaper all that often ("heart-melting" doesn't get a lot of play in the descriptions, as a rule). There's the mother, and on her tummy, as is otter tradition from way, wayyyy back, sits the wee pup. A pup that the aquarium people accurately described as "fantastically fluffy" in the MBA's Facebook page. Do you need this otter action asap? Will it make every darn day better when this is the first sight you see in the morning? Truly, we're still living at the top of the Official Otter-o-meter and we're not ready to let go. If only every day had a bit of happy otter news in it, but, for now, we have photos of a very furry nature to fawn over.

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