Winterfest: Snow Expected for Mill Valley

The popular snow slide is back, and a host of tra-la-la-worthy to-dos.


HOW YOU TAKE YOUR SNOW SLIDE... says a lot about your winter personality. Our characters don't change with the seasons, of course, but what the seasons deliver to us, in terms of fresh experiences, can reveal a little bit about who we are and what we love. And few things are more telling than how you approach going down a hill of cold, white stuff at accelerating speed. If you prefer to go super-speedy-mondo fast, you've probably got a bit of a wild side during all the seasons, so we'll expect to see you on the high dive come summer. If you prefer to pile on with a kid or spouse, you're in it for the slower but possible sweeter roll. And if you're just surprised to see a snow slide where it never snows, well, you're a person who remains open to joyous discovery. There shall be a snow slide where it never snows on Sunday, Dec. 6, in lovely Mill Valley, which never has to break out the shovels or salt come the colder months. And the slide is of the lovely latter sort: Not too foreboding and made for a brief 'n giggly trip from top to bottom (so smaller tots are a-ok). 

OTHER PLEASURES... of Winterfest, which unfolds at Depot Plaza, include an appearance by the Performing Arts Academy of Marin plus caroling and ukuleles and musical troupes from the area. Santa will show up, at 1 o'clock, in grand fashion, atop a Mill Valley fire engine, and other games and to-dos will fill up the holiday-happy hours. It's free to attend but if you want to make a two-buck donation for your slide down the snow, that's cool (in many senses of the word). Also? Winterfest serves as both a toy and food drive, so show with something yummy or play-with-able for the SF-Marin Food Bank or the fire department, which is collecting toys. There's a coat drive on as well. All the details? Right here. The feeling of sliding down snow in Mill Valley? That can't be replicated online or anywhere but the snow slide itself, so we can't link ya there. We can only point you to the Depot Plaza on Dec. 6, and encourage you to have your "wheees!" at the ready.

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