Wozniak Dancing is Like a “Teletubbie Going Mad”

Apple co-founder makes his debut on "Dancing with the Stars"

We didn't think it would take long for Steve Wozniak to realize that he should stick to what he knows best. If his first appearance on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" was an indication, the Woz won't last long.

Wearing a black suit, a pink boa and sporting a goatee, the Apple co-founder looked confident and comfortable on stage. He was blowing kisses and spinning on his knees for God's sake. But his dancing skills left a lot to be desired. The man can move for a big boy though, we must give him credit for that.

The judges were not kind as can be expected.

Len Goodman said, "Overall it was a disaster." Although he thought the performance was fun, which got Wozniak to respond, "We were after the fun."

But the definite highlight of the night came from the flamboyant Bruno Tonioli who obviously does not believe computer genius translates to the dance floor.

"I don't if it was hilarious or delirious," he said. "It was like watching a teletubbie going mad in a gay pride parade."

We are not sure what that looks like but we'll take Mr. Tonioli's word for it and assume Wozniak really did look the park. Wozniak took it in stride though. Saying the comments were a compliment. But we'll let you decide for yourself.

We have been told we are no longer allowed to embed the video on our site so check out the Woz introduce himself on the show or just feel free to skip forward to the main show.

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