YouTube Adds 3,000 Movie Rentals


Bored on a Friday night without a Netflix subscription? Too lazy to drive down to your local Redbox and too moral to stream a pirated movie?

YouTube may have something for you to do -- as long as you're not hell bent on seeing the latest release to hit DVD or Blu-ray.

The Google-operated video-sharing site announced Monday that it is expanding its portfolio of streaming video rentals.

YouTube is adding about 3,000 new movie titles to its library available for immediate rental to US customers.

The movies are mostly ones that have been on video for a few months or years even but YouTube promises to spice things up by packaging the movies with reviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The library includes titles such as "Super Size Me," "Cadillac Records," "The Freshman," "and "We Own the Night" just to name a few.

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