YouTube Says No Music Videos for the UK

San Bruno company fails to reach a permission deal

That's just too bad for the United Kingdom. In yet another sign that something is crooked in the land of tea and crumpets (besides teeth), YouTube will block most music videos in the United Kingdom because it was unable to secure licensing rights.

The San Bruno-based company said it was unable to reach an agreement with the Performing Rights Society for Music to broadcast music videos because they for too much money.

The Business Times reported that an earlier license between the two groups expired. The site has become the it spot for socially active webbies as well political campaigns that used it to draw young voters, like President Barack Obama and, who put out catchy videos (that you can watch below unless you are in the UK of course).

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has his own channel and most recently the pope launched his own YouTube channel as well. That might be the last time those two names go in the same sentence.

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion three-years-ago but the Mountain View giant has not figured out a viable financial model for its prize. YouTube recently introduced embedded advertisements in their videos that relate to the content of the broadcast.

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