San Francisco Native Margaret Cho Reveals Her Favorite Local Restaurants

Despite spending the majority of her time in Atlanta and L.A., Cho is still very knowledgeable about the San Francisco food scene. Click through to discover some of the places she loves to visit when she's in town. For more, visit The Feast San Francisco.

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Missy Buchanan
"For kind of a classic romantic dinner, I love the Big Four in the Huntington Hotel on Nob Hill. It’s just a phenomenal restaurant, it’s really great for continental basics like roast chicken or steak. It’s a little touristy but it’s still beautiful inside and when you go you really feel like you’re in San Francisco in the seventies."
Missy Buchanan
"Bar Crudo is very interesting because everything is raw and it’s kind of a cross between sushi and ceviche. They use a lot of really fresh fish, and when I was there the green apple was a big star. It’s really inventive and healthy and very chic, so when I go there I go with very chic people. It’s certainly one of the more unique restaurants that I’ve ever been to – it’s fresh, new, and alive."
The Feast/Tamara Palmer
"New Korea House has such great Korean food, really homey and wonderful. That's where I'd go for Korean. Everything's good; there's nothing on the menu that I wouldn't like. Everything is really wonderful, which is kind of rare for Korean restaurants—often there's one specialty that's the best and then everything else kind of isn't as great."
Missy Buchanan
"Once, there was a kid from the Make-a-Wish Foundation who wanted to meet me and hang out with me, so I took him to New Korea House and we had the greatest time. That was a really wonderful thing for both of us. I really love that place."
The Feast/Tamara Palmer
"Louis' is a really good little breakfast place. It had really good pancakes, I used to go there with my father."
Missy Buchanan
"Swan Oyster Depot was next to my father's bookstore. That is a really great place. It has like five seats; it's really annoyingly small. The food is so good, it's like, 'Why are you so f*cking small?'"
Missy Buchanan
"Everything at Swan is fresh and amazing. It's a really good place to just stop in and eat."
Missy Buchanan
"Lulu is great for pseudo-Italian, kind of continental, and modern stuff."
The Feast/Tamara Palmer
"Kingdom of Dumpling is great. That place is really strange; sometimes you don't even know what it is, but it's all really good. If I was there, I'd eat there a lot."
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