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Ex-Con Gets Jail Time for Sneaking into NYC Jails

Matthew Matagrano also allegedly assaulted an inmate and stole a walkie-talkie



    Ex-Con Accused of Sneaking Back into Jail

    Matthew Matagrano is accused of using phony credentials to sneak into jails and mingle with inmates. Jonathan Vigliotti reports. (Published Sunday, March 3, 2013)

    A convicted sex offender has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for repeatedly using phony credentials to gain entry into New York City jails.

    Matthew Matagrano, of Yonkers, was sentenced on Thursday. He pleaded guilty last month to posing as a correction officer and sneaking into the Manhattan Detention Center.

    Authorities say Matagrano tried to get inside multiple city lockups, including Rikers Island, where he mingled with inmates for hours.

    During one of those visits, on Feb. 27, the 36-year-old Matagrano assaulted an inmate and stole a $2,500 walkie-talkie. He also handed out cigarettes to inmates.

    Police say Matagrano, whose rap sheet includes a conviction for sodomy and sexual abuse, had said he repeatedly sneaked into jails because the people inside were "nice" and made him "feel important."