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Maine Gov. Says He Will Not Resign Over Voicemail Rant

The embattled Maine governor also acknowledged his shortcomings as a politician



    LePage Says He Has No Intentions of Resigning

    Embattled Maine Gov. Paul LePage is asking for forgiveness, but says he has no intention of resigning. (Published Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016)

    Embattled Maine Gov. Paul LePage asked the people of the state for forgiveness on Tuesday, but said he has no intention of resigning despite the controversy swirling around some of his recent remarks.

    LePage did say that he has apologized for leaving an obscene rant on state Rep. Drew Gattine’s voicemail last week.

    “To the Maine people, today, I am asking for forgiveness,” he said in a statement. “Comments I have expressed recently are unacceptable and I apologize sincerely for using such disrespectful language as your Governor. Also, I would like to express an apology to the Gattine family. I understand how hurtful statements affect a family and regret that my words have adversely upset your lives. For this I am sorry."

    LePage said he met with Gattine privately on Wednesday morning “in an effort to bring closure for all those involved.” The governor also said he and his family will be seeking “spiritual guidance” as they move forward in finding closure themselves.

    Gattine confirmed Wednesday that LePage apologized to him, but said the governor continued repeating the same talking points about drugs and race.

    LePage also met with a select group of reporters on Wednesday morning. Necn and several other news outlets were not allowed in.

    According to necn affiliate WCSH-TV, he said during that session that he is not an alcoholic and does not have drug or mental health problems. He also said that he is not a very good politician, but he will continue to fight for the underdog.