Aidan Quinn Plays Best President Grant Ever!

From now on any parts for President Ulysses S. Grant should be played by Aidan Quinn. Make it law.

Quinn's portrayal as the former Union general in "Jonah Hex" makes you think that the 18th President, who died in 1885, has been brought back to life.

"It's uncanny," producer Andrew Lazar tells PopcornBiz.

"And (Quinn) is such an amazing actor, it just felt so natural."

Presidential doppelganger Quinn has just one regret for the part. He wishes he had time to grow his beard longer. "I grow a very full beard and his was longer when he was president," Quinn tells us. "But I didn't have enough time. I was needed rather shortly after I was told I had it."

"Luckily I was growing a beard already, so it worked," he adds. "We didn't have one of those horrible movie beats."

It's a small part in the oval office. But definitely memorable for the likeness. Of course if Grant had those baby blues, he might have survived some of those presidential corruption scandals.

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