“All You Need Is Kill” Needs Doug Liman

With his "Three Musketeers" adaptation in limbo, director Doug Liman's got some time on his hands, time that he may fill with a sci-fi war epic.

With Warner Bros. having apparently thrown in the towel in its "The Three Musketeers" duel Summit Entertainment, Liman's now looking at an opportunity to direct an adaptation of the Japanese light novel "All You Need Is Kill," reported Deadline.

The book, for which Warner paid an ungodly sum this spring, tells the story of a Keiji Kiriya, a soldier killed in his first battle against an alien invasion and awakens to find himself in a time loop that has him fight that fatal battle again and again. "It's Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers!," as the folks at Empire noted.

But like Liman's "Musketeers," this project is well behind an eerily similar one, director Duncan Jones' "Source Code," which stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who awakens in the body of a commuter who is on a train that is blown up, and keeps reliving the tragedy until he can prevent it. Michelle Monaghan plays his love interest and Vera Farmiga is in the Sigourney Weaver role of controlling Gyllenhaal as he spans space and time.

OK, so "All You Need Is Kill" is "Source Code" minus "Avatar."

Of course, it we wouldn't mind if Liman used the extra time on his Attica movie, which he's developing with "Precious" scribe Geoffrey Fletcher.

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