Amazon Cuts Kindle Tablet Orders

Amazon's Kindle tablet sales estimates are 2 million for 2011, about half what was expected earlier this year. But even those slashed numbers could still make it the biggest-selling Android tablet of the year.

The new 2 million units sales estimate came from Barclays analyst Anthony DiClemente, about 4 million less than Forrester Research projected, according to Boy Genius Report.

DiClemente thinks adoption of Amazon’s affordable tablet will remain solid next year, with 6.4 million devices expects to sell in 2012; and as sales climb into the high single-digit millions, Amazon’s tablet could become the top-selling Android tablet in the segment’s short history. The analyst also believes Amazon’s 10-inch offering will become a reality next year, and Amazon will sell 1.5 million units on top of sales of its 7-inch slate.

At $250, the tablet will be one of Android's most affordable options, and significantly cheaper than the iPad 2 which starts at $499. That price point could drive the sales numbers higher. I mean, we all saw how fast the TouchPad sold once it hit $99, right? Buyers are driven by quality, yes, but they are also driven by price.

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