Apple Fears Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple seemed to have been awaiting the June 17 U.S. launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab with a mixture of fear and loathing. Apparently, on first seeing the tablet, it amended its patent infringement suit against Samsung to include the new iPad rival.

But does Apple have much to fear?

If Apple is watching Samsung closely, than Samsung is doing the same. Samsung paid attention to the streamlined iPad 2, and planned on competing directly with Apple by creating an ultra-thin, light tablet, according to the International Business Times. Now the tablet is a few ounces lighter and the same price as Apple's iPad 2.

While the Galaxy Tab has better screen resolution, camera and comes with Flash, it lacks the battery life and cachet of the iPad, the Wall Street Journal reported. That Apple cachet means a lot, including persuading at least half of those polled in a survey to want an iPad.

Apple is defending its turf in the only way it knows how, by lawsuits and intimidation. What we don't like is that Apple bought many of its mobile components from Samsung and is now suing the company for copying Apple technology. To us, that makes this whole lawsuit a bit pointless.

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