Apple Patent Points to “iWatch”

Apple filed a patent application for a wearable electronic accessory worn on the wrist in 2011, according to reports.

Apple first filed its application for a "Bi-stable spring with flexible display" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in August of 2011, according to AppleInsider. The possible "iWatch" would connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and come with a flexible display. Sound familiar?

It sure sounds like the iPhone watch that Apple has been rumored to be building. While it certainly won't be the first one created, with Apple cachet, it could be a big seller for those who like to look like Dick Tracy or a spy.

Apple's application states that the wrist accessory will use a bi-stable spring wrapped in fabric so that it will cover its electronics while worn. Many are taking the application as "tangible" proof that Apple is working on the iWatch. We're not as sure, because we think Apple applies for patents like other companies send out for coffee (well, the ones who don't get it free in Silicon Valley), but Apple must get on the wearable computer bandwagon or find that Google Glass has left it in the dust.

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