Apple Retail Employees Getting Raise

Apple's blue shirts are getting a boost.

After an internal report showed that wages were the most commonly referred to gripe among employees, Apple has responded with an hourly increase, according to a Dow Jones report -- confimred by The Next Web.

The raises will range as high as $2 more an hour, with consideration given to the market's size and the amount of units moved by the store. A New Yorker is going to see more than someone in Des Moines.

Apple store employees typically make between minimum wage and $15/hour. Genius Bar staffers with experience can make as much as $30/hour, but that's rare.

There are 363 Apple Retail stores, according to their site, but TNW has a revealing fact: current stores average $4,000 of revenue per square foot, the most of any retailer store (though, we'd have to canvas some Bentley or Ferrari dealerships to confirm that, though...).

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