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Arrayent Gives You a Platform for the Internet of Things

As more home appliances and devices become Internet-connected, consumers could want a central way to monitor and control these devices. That's what Arrayent is trying to do with its "Internet of Things" platform.

"Pretty soon you will look at these various products and they will look very broken if they don't have an Internet connection, " Arrayent chief executive Shane Dyer told Press:Here

Arrayent provides a platform for appliances and devices to "work together and play well," but security is still going to be a problem -- as it will be for any Internet-connected device. "By turning your fridge into a computer fridge, you create all these security vulnerabilities and make it unreliable," Dyer said.

Part of the solution could be using something like Arrayent, or simplifying the devices themselves, he said.

The truth is that consumers will end up using whatever brand or device they trust to control their new connected devices, be that an Apple app or another platform. "'That's the entity I'm going to use to control these things,'" Dyer said. "And now they need to work in that system."

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