Beach Pursuits: A Hotel Del Package

Two of your new year's resolutions might dovetail at the San Diego landmark.

Hotel del Coronado

IT'S HUMAN NATURE TO COMPARTMENTALIZE... the various areas of our lives. Throwing everything into a big brain stew, all of the things we want to accomplish and enjoy, seems, at first glance, to be positively overwhelming. But we don't need to draw such hard lines around various columns, if only because various columns can meld well together. Look to our new year's resolutions, which very often align with our health and happiness goals, goals that are shaped by getting out more and doing. Those don't need to be sent to separate and distinct columns all the time, however, especially if resolutions regarding "exercise more" and "travel more" can happen over one quick getaway. Such getaways do flower come the winter, and one of the closest for SoCalers is happening on Coronado Island. There's the giveaway, as to what the hotel is (as if the photo above didn't reveal that as well). The Hotel del Coronado, or the Del, if you prefer, has a post-holiday package on that is both about being outside at the beach and having that travel experience you vowed to take when 2016 kicked in.

SOCAL BEACH ESCAPE: Book two nights at the red-turret'd hotel and receive a fifty dollar credit each day towards fun on the beach. This could include paddleboarding, one of the big pursuits in the area, but if you've never tried it before, it's cool: That $50 credit can go to lessons or rental. Bicycle rentals are in the mix, too, which is ideal, given Coronado Island's affection for the two-wheeling lifestyle (that the streets are so picturesque surely enhances the ride). A spin class, too, is also up for grabs with your get-out-get-active credit. You'll be moving more, too, once you leave your car at the hotel -- valet parking is gratis with the package. And should you just want to hang at the beach, there is a complimentary beach bag. But what of those dovetailing resolutions? Travel more, exercise more? Well, a bit of both while at the Del should get 2016 moving in the right direction on both counts.

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