Ben Carson Dismisses Trump's ‘Gratuitous Attack'

Ben Carson dismissed the "gratuitous attack" leveled against him by presidential rival Donald Trump, who likened the former neurosurgeon to a child molester, NBC News reported.

Trump delivered a blistering critique of Carson during a campaign rally in Iowa on Thursday in which he said the former neurosurgeon has a "pathological disease" that cannot be cured.

"If you're a child molester, there is no cure. They can't stop you." Trump said. "Pathological, there is no cure."

Carson fired back at the media while talking to reporters in South Carolina Friday, saying he does not believe Trump called him a child molester.

“I always find it amusing what people in the press like to say,” Carson responded. “You compare this, therefore you said this. I don’t buy all that stuff.”

On Friday, Trump released an Instagram video again calling into question Carson's story about attempting to stab a friend in his adolescence.

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