Betty White to Lorne Michaels: It’s “Up To (You)”

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Acting icon Betty White has responded to the growing popularity of an online campaign to get her to host "Saturday Night Live."

Matt Donnelly of The LA Times' Ministry of Gossip blog finally reached the "Golden Girl" on the phone on Monday, where she acknowledged knowing about the Facebook fan page, telling him, "I don't know where that came from… That came out of left field. I understand they've had all of these hits."

When asked if she'd so "SNL," she responded, "That would be up to Lorne Michaels."

David Mathews, a big Betty fan and creator of the Betty White Facebook Fan Page, sent a letter to the "SNL" creator at the end of January when the fan page reached 5,000 followers, according to a message posted to the fan page's discussion board.

"My ask of you is simple," he wrote to Michaels. "What would it take to get you to invite Betty White to be a guest host on SNL? She is brilliant, funny, witty, and a comedic genius and legend. I have little doubt that it would be a ratings hit."

Since then, the Facebook fan page Mathews created titled, "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" has rallied over 105,000 followers (and counting… including several staff members) since last week, pleading to executives to allow her to host "Saturday Night Live."

"The answer to all questions in the universe is Betty White, how to fix any tv show, how to ENSURE an amazing movie that people will want to see, what is 2 + 2 …etc. The list is endless, the answer is Betty White…." one fan posted.

Between the wall posts and the discussion boards full of adoration, fans seem to agree that the 88-year-old television veteran could teach the young stars a thing or two.

"Oh my gosh…. Betty White…the next host of SNL…I would absolutely watch that episode! The female version of Chris Farley…She is the NEW 50!!!!" another fan wrote on the board.

Access has also previously reached out to reps for Betty and "Saturday Night Live" for comment.

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