Canadian Man Refuses to Run From Fort McMurray Wildfire

Hartley Bushell is living off the food and water from his house and is keeping company with an abandoned pug he found

A stubborn Canadian is defying the raging wildfire that’s been devouring the northern Alberta town of Fort McMurray, according to NBC News.

Hartley Bushell’s wife and neighbors fled the area. The Mounties have told him to get out of the city at least a dozen times.

But the 63-year-old is staying put, even though his wife, Chalinee, begged him to get in the car with her before she fled. He’s surviving on the food and water in the house, missing his wife “a lot.” He’s keeping company with a little pug he found when he went into a neighborhood to retrieve a friend’s photos and documents.

"This is not just a house we have here," he told CBC News. "This is our home."

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