Christian Slater's Ballot Trashed in Florida After He Really Tried to Vote: Don't Call Him Christina!

The actor took to Twitter to share his frustration


After sharing his frustrations at the polls via Twitter on Election Day, Christian Slater took to his account again today to share yet another mishap--Florida discounted the actor's vote, stating that the provisional ballot he'd signed didn't match the signature on his registration records.

President Barack Obama reelected for President!

The actor took the disenfranchisement with a smile, tweeting: "Hilarious! I really tried! 5 hours in line" along with a pic of the letter from election officials--in which, yes, they referred him as "Christina."

Maybe that's why the signature didn't match.

Slater's revelation follows up on his election day chronicle of the frustrating poll experience he detailed on Twitter, starting with: "I've been on line for a total of four hours trying to vote? Next time, absentee." Following with: "Made it in the room only to find out the DMV didn't register me when I got my new license. They asked me if I wanted to reg and I said yes." Adding: "So, now I'm standing by and waiting while this guy tries to get the State on the phone I guess. I really want to vote." And finally: "I voted!!!!!"

Looks like that last victory tweet wasn't the final tally!

Why aren't we surprised that this happened in Florida?

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