Cuddlr App: Tinder Without the Sex

Feeling sad and maybe need a hug? Well, now there's an app for that.

Cuddlr, called the "sex-free" Tinder, allows users to find others willing to meet them for hugs and similarly-minded snugglers, according to the New York Post. According to its website, Cuddlr is strictly about human touch and not about hooking up. From the site:

It finds the closest cuddlers in walking distance and shares their first name, picture, and successful and problematic past cuddles (if any). Tap to request a cuddle from a specific person or respond to someone else's request. If you both agree, you can shoot them a brief message like "let's meet at the park" or "I'm wearing a green shirt". Cuddlr will then show real-time walking directions between the two of you. Once you meet and have a cuddle, you can give a thumbs-up if everything went ok, or in the event of a somewhat too-grabby cuddle, you can report the user. 

Cuddlr launched earlier this month and was simply designed for "gentle, no-pressure intimacy" for its users. Think quick cuddle and everyone parts ways -- unless you both want more.
Once an invitation has been sent, the recipient has 15 minutes to respond and arrange a suitable time and place (Press:Here doesn't suggest using Cuddlr, but if you do, it suggests meeting somewhere public, well-lit and with other people around.) The app is now available on iTunes.

Is this a statement on the increasing isolation of our young people, that they need smartphones to schedule human contact? Perhaps we could view it as sad, or perhaps we could view it as people reaching out and trying to make a connection away from their smartphones -- but they still have to use an app to do it.

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