“Daily Show” Airs Weiner Text in Robot Voice

"The Daily Show" revealed Wednesday what host John Oliver said no other network news organization aired in their latest Anthony Weiner sexting reports: The x-rated texts that the New York City mayoral candidate allegedly sent to a woman. 

But before the fill-in host detailed the content of the texts, he had a few comments about Weiner's online tryst.

"He did it again!," Oliver exclaimed as the show began. "Now, America is collectively experiencing deja-eww."

The texts have rocked New York's mayor's race as it was revealed Tuesday that Weiner reportedly engaged in a raunchy online affair under the alias, Carlos Danger.

"Anthony Weiner's alter ego is a Bolivian actor/porn star," Oliver said in response to the alias.

Oliver appeared doubtful of Weiner's honesty and trustworthiness, since Weiner promised to change his ways after he resigned as a U.S. congressman in June 2011, but then allegedly continued his online affairs a week after a People magazine profile was published in July 2012.

Oliver showed clips of Weiner's previous press conferences from the resignation in June 2011 and the latest since the allegations surfaced to make his point.

"And this is why we have a problem here," Oliver said.

Oliver then read out one of the explicit texts through an automated robotic voice.

Watch the full "Daily Show" segment:

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