iPhone 4S — or iPhone 5G — Out by Thanksgiving

The iPhone 4S -- or iPhone 5G, depending on who's reporting -- will be making its debut by Thanksgiving and seems to be emulating the iPad.

Many bloggers have noticed that an alleged new iPhone case, rumored to be the new iPhone 4S or 5G, appears to house a slightly wider screen similar to the iPad's 3:4 ratio screen. Previously the iPhone had a 2:3 screen, according to PCMag. The flash has also been moved further from the phone's rear-facing camera.

The name of the new iPhone version, be it 4S or 5G, depends on whether or not bloggers believe the next incarnation will simply be an upgrade of the iPhone 4. If so, the next version is likely to be the iPhone 4S due out in fall. But if the case is a prototype for Apple's newest innovation, it will be a departure from the previous version and could be the iPhone 5G, but no one aside from Apple knows for sure.

Sure, there are plenty of bloggers saying they have inside sources, but I believe the main reason there are so many iPhone 5 accounts is because bloggers want it to be true. How boring would be it be to write about an upgrade to iPhone 4 when you could be writing about a game-changing iPhone 5? It's much more interesting and probably drums up a lot more interest.

It's much more likely that it is simply an upgrade before the bigger roll out next year. It also makes sense that Apple is maintaining its mobile screen ratio at 3:4 so there will be continuity across the iOS platform.

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