Facebook: Send Christian Bale to Aurora

A Facebook campaign urging Christian Bale to visit Aurora, Colo. and its shooting victims has gained a lot of media attention and support.

Bale, who plays Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises," was asked by Emily Sanchez on Facebook in the wake of a shooting that killed 12 at a midnight showing of the film at a local movie theater last Friday. From the Chicago Sun-Times: 

“All those kids in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds at the Batman massacre could use a visit from their hero,” wrote Sanchez. “I propose we [as in all of Facebook] should make enough noise asking Christian Bale to visit these kids in the hospital dressed in the real Batman outfit. They need to know Heroes can be real too, not just the bad guys."

Columnist Richard Roeper said the Facebook campaign was "misguided" and places Bale in a bad situation. Meanwhile, the film's Paris premiere was canceled and Bale expressed condolences to the families and victims of the tragedy.
We don't think Bale should have to go anywhere in costume -- and dressed in the bulky outfit might be a bit traumatic for victims --- but his presence in Aurora would be a grand and selfless gesture. 


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