Facebook Is Now All About the Hook-Up

Facebook Graph Search has now made it possible to search and find your ideal date and a new app makes it possible to find your ideal one-night stand.

Forbes' Matt Miller used Graph Search to find Denver-area single women who like pizza, Jack Kerouac and Radiohead. "From there I could see which pizza places these people liked, if we had any friends in common and even browse their pictures," he wrote. "This search can even be narrowed down to an age range, religious views, political views and much more. It was really creepy."

Essentially, it's a stalker's dream. If you find someone you think is attractive, you could monitor their posts and become a mainstay at their regular hangouts in hopes of hooking them. However, this only works if the Facebook information is public and the user hasn't created any privacy controls, so user beware.

However, the Facebook app "Bang With Friends" seems to be a bit more honest about its motives, according to the Daily Beast. (It's also telling that the developers of the app are keeping their identities secret but are referred to as only "three, unidentified, college-aged males.") The very heterosexual male-oriented app uses Facebook to find Facebook friends who are ready to "bang" and notifies each person to find out if he or she (who are we kidding? This is all about finding willing women) are willing. Once paired off, the two can choose to indulge in casual sex or not.

The developers have tweaked the program so that relatives don't show up in the initial pin-board of photos, according to the Daily Dot.

We think many people have thought that Facebook was about the hook-up, and likely it is for a segment of the population, but now it's just been made a whole lot easier.

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