Florida Keys Man Arrested for Allegedly Riding Manatee

A man was arrested after he tried to take a ride on the back of a manatee in the Florida Keys.

James Massengale Jr., 47, was charged with annoying, molesting, harassing, or disturbing a manatee after a witness at a park near Islamorada reported a man "touching and laying" on top of manatees in a creek off Library Beach, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman, Officer Bobby Dube, said in a news release. 

Dube said a witness told Massengale it was illegal to touch the mammals, but the man reportedly replied “I’m riding it.”

Massengale allegedly became verbally combative with FWC officials and vowed to not appear in court when issued a citation. He then began to chant “Take me to jail.”

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Massengale. He is being held on $25,000 bond.

Officials believe he may be homeless because he didn't have any identification at the time of his arrest. Attorney information for Massengale was not listed.

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