Avocado: Former Googlers Create an App For Two

What all couples need is an app so they can stay closer through text messages and shared photos. Forget that pesky togetherness thing. To gain more intimacy, we all need more time with a smartphone!

Sarcasm aside, two ex-Googlers, Chris Wetherell and Jenna Bilotta who met while working on Google Reader, created Avocado -- a $1.99 mobile app that is designed to mimic the way couples interact, according to TechCrunch.

Wetherell said that with Avocado, essentially an app for two, there's no potential for embarrassment.
"With Avocado, we eliminate this risk for couples so they can feel confident communicating more openly and with less inhibition," Wetherell said in a company press release. "We think people will share more freely if they know they are engaging in a safe, private space where they can be themselves away from a public environment that the whole world can see."
We think paying for an app to keep you and your loved one closer is probably not the way to go, but we have a feeling several misguided souls just might be shelling out $1.99 to do just that. Perhaps you should save the money and go for a walk in a nearby park . . . and talk to one another.
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