Get Rid of Pesky Facebook Baby Photos

For those tired of looking at dozens of daily photos of friends' babies, there's now something to spare you from infant overload.  A new service called will replace all baby photos in your Facebook feed with pictures of something else, such as cats or manatees. launched less than a week ago and already its site has received 41,000 Facebook likes, according to the Los Angeles Times. 
The plug-in was created by three New Yorkers named Yvonne Cheng, Chris Baker and Pete Marquis, who all work together for an advertising agency and not surprisingly are likely childless -- at least  that's what we got from the following comment.
"We were having drinks one night after work and were joking around about how Facebook is just lousy with babies, and wouldn't it be funny if you could replace all those photos with cats," Cheng told the Times. They called on a developer to make it happen and launched the plug-in at the Chrome Web store.
The plug-in is triggered by words such as "cute," "adorable" and "first birthday" that could mean a baby photo. However, captions won't be replaced, so all baby information will not be erased.
Perhaps this plug-in should signal to new parents that not everyone wants to see a daily photo of your baby, or perhaps that people want to see more cats on the Internet.
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