Gibson's “Summer Vacation” Finds Foreign Funding

Despite the so-so success of "Edge of Darkness," Mel Gibson's next project has already drawn the attention -- and money -- of overseas distributors.

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation," about a career criminal who learns to survive life in a Mexican prison with the help of a 9-year-old boy, has deals lined up in Germany, Italy, France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, and Eastern Europe, before the film has even started shooting, accoridng to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is the second time the "Summer Vacation" has has made news. In December protesters in Veracruz, Mexico, were sparked into action by the relocation of a prison population, done allegedly so that the facility could be used as a location for the film.

"Don't take them away, they aren't animals" and "Mel Gibson, it's your fault they are moving our family members," read some of the signs outside the prison.

The inmates' families were their only source of food and clothing, so their removal presented a serious hardship. But others claim that they were being moved for relocation into a newer facility.

“Inmates were cleared from a prison last week in Mexico’s Veracruz state for security reasons and not to allow U.S. actor Mel Gibson to begin shooting," came word from Veracruz Governor Fidel Herrera in a statement.

There are any number of reports on this kerfuffle, but they don't quite jibe with one another, so what exactly happened -- or is happening -- isn't clear.  But Gibson filmed "Apocalypto" down in Veracruz, as well, and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to hurricane relief, so he'll likely help out these folks as well.

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