‘Give Credit Where It's Due': TikToker Speaks Out About Black Creator Strike

Millions of videos are typically made when Megan Thee Stallion drops a new song, but because of the strike, it appears her latest track, "Thot S---", is lagging far behind

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Last Friday, TikTok creator Erick Louis posted a video set to "Thot S---," the new Megan Thee Stallion song.

In the video, Louis, 21, looks as though he's about to dance to the track as the words "MADE A DANCE TO THIS SONG" are displayed on the screen above his head. Then, he holds up both middle fingers as the text displayed on the screen changes to say, "SIKE. THIS APP WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT [BLACK] PEOPLE."

The video was a reference to a strike by Black creators on TikTok who want to highlight the degree to which they say the app relies on Black creativity to power viral trends. And the strike appears to be manifesting in fewer videos being made to "Thot S---," with some saying its because white creators don't have a dance trend to latch on to.

"We're not saying not to use our content," Louis said. "We're saying give credit where it's due."

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