Google Barge on SF Bay Might Be Google Glass Marketing Center

A large barge anchored near Treasure Island reportedly is Google's new floating marketing center for Google Glass.

The 18,000-square foot boat is reportedly operated by Google and may be used as a marketing center for the search giant's wearable computer, according to The Verge. Although CNET suggested it could be a floating data center, more investigation has shown that it's likely a huge promotion for Google Glass.

However, there's some confusion where or not the tech titan could get permits to create such a center, and it seems work on the barge has been halted. According to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Google would have to show that the barge's contents couldn't be built on land. 

The Verge suggests that the lack of commercial space in San Francisco could make their dream a reality. We believe. if Google's planning team is imaginative enough, it should be easy to show the barge is a necessity, especially if the marketing ideas involve pyrotechnics or an underwater acrobatic show.

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