Google Launches Photovine App for Apple iOS, Not Android

Google is launching a new photo-sharing application called Photovine for the iOS, but don't expect to see it in the Android Market.

In fact, the name Google is nowhere to be found at the iTunes store -- instead the developer is listed as Slide, Inc., which is now a part of Google, according to the Los Angeles Times. The photo-sharing app, akin to Instagram, allows users to create new batches of photos centered around user-created "vines" or themes.

Despite the lack of noticeable Google branding anywhere, Photovine is following in the Google tradition by starting off in an invitation-only testing mode; a move also made with the popular Gmail email service and the growing Google+ social network launched about two weeks ago.

The invitation-only tactic means that not all iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad owners can download the Photovine app yet. But the app will eventually make its way to the public -- or at least that's the plan.

The Times writer still hasn't gotten his invite and Google couldn't be reached for comment. But if Google plans on launching an app development arm of its company, it would be wise to invest in creating iOS apps. As we have learned recently, iOS users have greater brand royalty and spend more money on their mobile devices.

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