Google+ Popular With Your Mom

Is Google+ popular with Generation Y? Apparently it's more popular with the generation's parents. Cabernet-swilling Baby Boomers and kid-toting soccer moms in the suburbs all seem to really dig Google+, according to a recent survey.

Experian Hitwise did a study on Google+ early adopters, finding that Millennials peaked in Google+'s early days while older users continued to rise for the new social network.

Currently, Kids and Cabernet index at 268 in their visits to Google+, and make-up 2.9% of visits to the site. Interestingly, when we look at this segment’s stats for visits to Facebook, they index at a mere 68 and make up less than 0.7% of visits to the leading social network.

While some believe this is because GenY audiences are just as set in their ways as other groups, it may not be a coincidence that its users are also called the Facebook Generation, ZDNet writes. And despite Google+ being the fastest-growing social network with more than 10 million users, there are some differences in audiences.

Demographic data released earlier this month show that the dominant age bracket falls within Generation Y terms, with 35% of users aged 25-34. But Google+ falls down with a strong gender divide, with over 71% of all users being male.

Could it be, if we were to indulge in analogies, that Facebook is like a comfortable pair of old shoes, and Google+ is a shiny new pair that might not be as comfortable at first? Not surprisingly, the tech field is still male-dominated and that field was probably the most likely to wrangle the first invitations to Google+,  but its audience has grown since then. It will likely take a few months for the social network to iron out its problems and then we can see how many users will be there to stay.

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