Google+ Releases “Find My Face”

Google+ now offers users a facial recognition tool, "Find My Face," to locate photos of themselves that may not be tagged. 

While this may sound similar to Facebook's "Photo Tag Suggest," Google has made the service opt-in only so users would have to say yes to the service before it can match faces with user profile photos, according to CNN. The Google version also requires the subject of a suggested tag to approve it before it goes public -- Facebook's version makes the photo public and then tells the subject. 

"Privacy has been baked right into this feature," Benjamin Petrosky, product counsel for Google+, said at a summit held by the Federal Trade Commission in Washington on Thursday.

Photo engineer Matt Steiner posted on Google+ that the facial recognition tool will be rolling out to all users in the next few days.

While we think that the tool is slightly less public than Facebook's version, we wouldn't say it's anything approaching private. As we have learned from Mark Zuckerberg's private photos leaked to the public, privacy on the Internet is a myth.

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