Before Google, Sergey Brin Wanted “Good Pay, Very Little Work”

Before founding Google with fellow Stanford graduate student Larry Page, Sergey Brin was looking for a job just like the rest of us with an online resume.

The resume is innocuous enough with an expected Ph.D in 1997 and several jobs writing algorithms and code, including a movie-rating project written in Python, but there's no objective in the resume. Instead, as Business Insider found out,  the objective is hidden in the HTML, and can be seen if a user decides to view the source code.

<!–<H4>Objective:</H4> A large office, good pay, and very little work. Frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands would be a plus.–>

While we don't quite know the square footage of Brin's office space, it's probably big enough and he likely makes his own hours tooling around Google X. As for money -- he's worth around $31.8 billion -- and he and other Google executives have used the corporate jets several times for "exotic trips" to places such as Paris, Cancun, Tahiti, Puerto Vallarta, Spain and Africa.

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