Lemongate! Did Irate Beyonce Fan Pelt Ariana Grande With Lemon During Coachella?

Things took a bit of a turn on Sunday night during Grande's set at Coachella 2019.

Ariana Grande has dealt with a fair share of life throwing a handful of metaphorical curveballs her way--both good and bad--but things took a bit of a turn on Sunday night during her set at Coachella 2019.

Grande made history at Coachella this year as she became the youngest person to ever headline the festival. She's also only the fourth woman to ever do so. But her performance was marred by one unfortunate incident.

Twitter user @KayleighPerezz caught the moment on camera that shows Grande strutting across the stage towards a chair wearing her signature thigh-high boots and maroon two-piece outfit. Just as the "7 Rings" singer is about to take a step towards the mini throne, she gets hit in the chest with what looks like a lemon. Grande briefly peers down at the lemon as it bounces off her chest and keeps on moving. 

There is some speculation that the culprit may have been an irate Beyonce fan after news broke that Grande reportedly made $8M to headline Coachella 2019, compared to the Lemondade singer's $4M.

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So far, Grande has yet to comment on Lemongate.

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