Hollywood Laughs Off Rapture Prediction

Despite Harold Camping's highly publicized theory that the rapture/beginning of the end of the world would take place on Saturday, Hollywood seems to be taking the disturbing prediction with a grain of salt, with numerous celebrities laughing off the doomsday news via Twitter.

Here's what they had to Tweet:

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Chris Jericho: "Since the world is ending, I'm just gonna come out and say I've been madly in love with Pauly Shore for many years. Wow what a load off!"

Chelsea Kane: "Watching Soul Plane in my sweatpants and sipping on a Smirnoff Ice. Please don't let the world end tomorrow. I can't go out like this."

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Jordin Sparks: "The world is not ending today. I have a show to do in a few hours! :D"

Christina Applegate: "So you think the dude who said today was the end got unfriended a ton on facebook?"

Colin Hanks: "To all the single ladies… The world ends today… Call me."

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Joy Behar: "The End by The Doors #myraptureplaylist"

Jewel: "Everyone still alive out there? Lol"

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Chris Daughtry: "Ok off to bed…if the world is still here when I wake up then it'll be another day writing in the studio"

Ali Sweeney: "oh man. I'm so unprepared. Does it happen eastern time or pacific?? ;)"

Nicky Hilton: "#iftheworldendsonsaturday at least I spent my last night in Vegas!! #goodtimes"

Ellen DeGeneres: "Love Britney's song "Keep on Dancing Till the World Ends." Or as the guy standing on the corner calls it, "Keep on Dancing Till Saturday."

Cheryl Burke: "It's the end of the world as we know it..*singing*"

Tyrese: "If it's the end of the word today.. I better get a massage a facial and my feet done so I can meet Jesus looking and feeling right…"

Joe Jonas: "Beginning of the end? I'm confused."

Demi Lovato: "If the world does try to end today, my #Lovatics will save you…. They're superheros…. ;)?

Jake Pavelka: "Evidentally there is a lack of gossip news. So therefore the world is going to end today! BAHAHAHA!!"

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